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Were You Injured in an Auto Accident?

Find the Right Lawyer for Your Claim!

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You’ve Been in a Car Accident. What Now?

  • Stop and get to safety as quickly as possible.

  • Confirm all parties involved are safe and no one needs immediate medical car.

  • Do not admit responsibility or guilt – this can be used against you by insurance companies.

  • Contact the local police and begin the process of filing a police report upon their arrival.

  • Do not volunteer information about the accident to the other parties involved.

  • Obtain all party’s names, contact information, insurance information, and license plate number.

  • Contact an attorney as soon as possible.


Filing a Claim – When, How, and Why?

  • Filing an insurance claim is essentially requesting payment from your insurance company to pay for damages incurred during your accident. Assuming your insurance plan is active and not-expired, insurance companies are pay out based on the specific terms of your policy.

  • If you or another party have been injured in an accident, the priority is seeking proper medical attention. Once you’re confident you’re safe and have received proper injury care, it’s important to contact a lawyer immediately.

  •’s network of lawyers can help handle the following common issues associated with automotive accidents:

  • Injury compensation questions

  • Automobile damage compensation questions

  • Dealing with uninsured parties


In short, a lawyer is valuable to determining the amount of money to request from your insurance company. The right lawyer can navigate complex situations like understanding the laws behind accident fault and requesting the amount of money you deserve from your insurance company.


About Police Reports

Getting in an auto accident can create panic and confusion. Often, it’s not clear what steps you should take after an accident. While a police report Is not necessary for all auto accidents, it’s wise to request one no matter what. Although insurance companies use independent investigation, police reports contain valuable information about the accident. A police report will include the information you give the police, any information the officer has on the accident, as well as the officer’s opinions of the accident. This information is important for insurance purposes, including efficient payment. It’s recommended that a police report be filed for any accident beyond a minor fender bender – especially any accident involving injury.


Police reports will include information on all parties involved in the accident. Reports also include the police officer’s summary and opinions about what occurred. It is crucial that you review the report to ensure your information, the other party’s information, and information about what happened is all accurate. It is vital that the report includes what happened, not what anyone thinks may have happened. Once you’ve confirmed all of the report’s information is correct, it’s important to communicate that information to your insurance company. This process can be complex and difficult. Use to find the best lawyer for your needs.

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